How did it all begin?

The set up off Being Truly Beautiful (BTB) happened through my own discontent, caused by the general state of the world around me, and followed bij the feeling being unable to be who I really was. By looking inwards, I realised that my personality had a clear crossroad, a beautiful and positive and the other a much less so. Then I realise how the ‘good’ part of me was encouraged and strongly influenced when listening to the inspirational stories of others. I came to the conclusion that if other people’s stories could have such a positive effect on me, it would probably be the same for others. The value off how incredibly wonderful and inspirational it is when people put the most beautiful part of their characters on show came to me.

Who is involved?

Many hands make light work.

Tycho is a fellow BTB founder and technician, and together we have gathered a wide range of extraordinary soul-mates representing many different countries and cultures. Every one of them has their own incredible story to tell; extraordinary, inspiring, wonderful quests. You’ll find some of their stories on this site. It has always been my aim that the entire Firefly community works together to make this venture grow and glow.

Why the Firefly?

Fireflies are small and can be found all over the globe. It is only when they gather and glow that one truly notices their eye-catching, unique beauty. Stefan has created something really special for us:

Why don’t you, as founder, post your own interview?

I think that interviews should only be held with our BTB members. The stories on this site deserve all the attention and reflection they can get. It is all about appreciating these people, because they deserve that.

How can we contact you?

Tycho’s busy studying (when I’m not bringing him in on my plans), while I run my own business. We are therefore unable to reply to everyone’s mails, but are with you in spirit, constantly sending you our support and encouragement. If you really want to get our attention, post an amazing BTB video on the site and share these videos on social media. Let’s make BTB grow together.

How do I make a donation?

This is not about financial gain. Look around to find a cause which embraces the BTB line of thought and “make the world a more beautiful place”. Give your donation to them, it will definitely be appreciated. PLUS: contribute to us by making a video and sharing it, or invite your group to become BTB members: GO ON, DO IT!

Why no selfies?

There are other sites available for posting selfies. We go deeper than that. We are here to honour and appreciate others; on this site you might add someone else’s painting, or talk about an incredible person you admire. On our platform, their story will live on, side by side with those of other amazing and incredible people.

Thank you

Armanda Arps

1 September 2017, The Netherlands